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Child labour is the employment of children as wage earners. It started in 1700 in England. It spread in other countries as they became industrialized. Children below the age of 10 were employed in mine and factories. They were forced to work long hours. Their wages were small. The working conditions were unhealthy. Social reformers, like Elizabeth Barret Browning, condemned child labour practice. The most effective attack on child labour was made by Charles Dickens. His novel "Oliver Twist" described the plight of child labourers. Many children became permanently disabled. They had to work in foul atmospheres. Their lungs were affected by poisonous gases or dust. Many children fell asleep over their work. They were either injured or killed in the machinery. Employed children never had a chance to attend school. In many developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America, millions of boys and girls still hold job illegally. Children under fifteen form a large part of the work force. Some children work with their parents. Orphaned children work for their survival. In India, the Factory Act of 1948 prohibited employment of children in factories. This law regulates working conditions. Later child labour Act prohibited the employment of children under 14 in dangerous occupations.

Child labour is a social evil. Laws alone cannot remove it. A change of heart could make it possible. Carpet manufacturing industry in Varanasi employs large number of children. Fireworks factories in Sivakasi employ many children. Bangle factories in Hyderabad employ children. Tanneries in Arcot also involve children. Besides, thousands of children are rag – pickers. They work in hotels, workshops and farms. As poor people have more number of children. Children have to work hard. Adult-hood is forced upon their tender shoulders. Each child is a gift of god. It is the duty of every adult to make children enjoy their childhood. The Government must give compulsory education to all the children. They can better their lives only with education.

20 2015

After the seeing all post I would like to say child labour is a major and biggest problem in our nation. its literally based on the poverty nd this prob being increase day by day. basically this prob turn up from the poor family and have been uneducational background they dont support their child even they force to sending their child to do work in industries, miles, factoriesa and small shops for earning money they have seen by us. its very hard to accepts this things why they work under the age 15. I am requesting to those people who gives work to child plz dont do this they dont know what is right and wrong for them they need a proper nd correct way to their bright future. although govr. given to us lots of opportunities to improve your economical condition but this prob would be solved by only whom support the child labourers.

14 2015

From my point of view Most of the child labours are coming from poor family as compare to rich class. Most of the poor family are uneducated and poor and they have moer then 3-4 members in a family. Due to more members in a family, the family head or parents are unable to fullfill the basic need of their childrens. To fullfill the basic needs they are sending their children to work in hotels, industry or for a construction work. As we know this problem has been contineously increasing from last few decades in all over world. To reduce child labour government has to take crucial step to overcome from this problem. I request those people who are giving emplobility to children shouldnot take them for work.

25 2015

As the name signifies child labor is the activity of engaging the children in employment processes to gain the economic benefits. Children are the future of any country but how they will resemble as a good future? There is no guarantee of it. At many places like outside dhabas, small shops we see the child usually aged between 5 to 14 to engage in such kind of works. Honestly this evil is spoiling the development or future of any nation. Due to the child labor the children who wants to do study can not get it.It is harmful for their mental, physical, moral development .It deprives the children to their childhood.Lastly I would like to conclude my topic by saying this that to remove this major problem we should take important steps that makes us able to remove the causes of child labor that are poverty, lack of education and economic dis balance.

10 2015

According to me... Child labour is the major obstacle to our economic development and this problem exists to all over the world. Child labour exists not only in poor family but it also exists in rich class family. Poor family believes that an additional child will add additional income to their family, so they forced their child to work at very early age. Whereas on the other side rich class family.. Inspite of being educated they make their child work in flimindustry, serials, advertising and so on.... Just to raise their status and to get more importance in the society. They make their child work at very premature age.

21 2014

Child labor is one of the most social evil.the government can't care the future of children.the parents also spoiled our son's and daughters life.parents also can't take care of our children.

It's very shameful for our society that will deduce our country development..

30 2014

Child labour as the name suggests is aweful crime in the world. In such a crime childrens of age around 10 are made to work in an environment which a child is not fit for Contrary to this child labour is also a means for a below poverty line people to earn. Inspite of giving them wrong education from the village, they try to send there child to find some work and become practical in dere field This will help the child to find some useful work when he attains the age of 20 and this time he would be more experienced person. So as every coin has 2 sides. So do Child labour has...(y)

30 2014

The child labor is paverty. The parents sell the child in reveals in low money, Bihar andHharyanna largest child labour . The government can't care the future of the children

04 2014

After reading all the post here I want put my point of view regarding child labour. Child labour is a social evil, most of the child do who belongs to the poor family I mean that are not able to give some basics need like schooling cloth, food and etc. Basically this child labour is spread from england and it has been come in India also. Therefor child labour just spoilling the life those who are working under the age of 10 years. So I wanna say that its should be responsibility to take care of their child in a proper age. I mean they provide a basic needs whatever they required. Due to child labour the future of india is going in darkness. The child labour affecting in all field like education business literecy science technology and so on... I’m requesting to all indian don't hire any child to do work who are under 10 years. If u are hired that is your fault not a child because he don't know what should I do in this age and apart from this every parent should be take care own child that they could get right way and make the bright future and able to help the country.

25 2014

From my point of view strict action should be taken against the people who employ children to do work. childhood, It is the time where children play, laugh, study.. not do work to help support their family. I think if the parents dont want their kids to go through what they are then they would work hard and make their kid go to school and have the basic education and would make sure their kids dont end up working at a small age. In the news we only hear of people raiding ministers house, places of illegal activity , not once have we heard of some factory being raided cause they make children work. There is a law which forbids kids under the age of 18 to work, which is of no use, stricter measures should be taken

01 2014

Child labour is one of the major problem in India. According to costitution it is crime to hire a child for work, beside this we can find most of child labour in the country. Govt. should take strict action against child labour.

One of the most important thing about the the indian cities is that we can find more child labour in comparision to villages. People wants to send their children to school atleast for primary education but not in cities.

27 2014


Child labour is a social crime. The children belonging to 5-15 age group are compelled to invest their childpowers to bread for themselves and family. They are lowpaid. The poor child is required to work beyond his capacity. Childlabour is seen in a wide range of sectors like fire works, carpet industry, bidi and cigar industries, construction sites, hotels, motor mechanic sheds etc.

To avoid this, the government should enforce the existing laws strictly. Value based and work-oriented education should be imparted. The parents of the child laboureres should be given jobs. Only with the strong will of the industries and the government, it can be eliminated. It is true that child labour cannot be whisked away with a magic wand.

15 2014

I should be every child labour remove in all over countries most preferbly like india and every political party help this danger situation it could be encourage the child education so finally we should help poor children.

05 2014

Child labour is a social evil in India due to political parties because political parties takes no action against this problem.Although in our constitution of India Article no. 24 said that child below the age of 14 years will not work in any firm, industries or any where Labour is payable and other Article 21A said that child between the age of 6 years to 14 years have rights to get compulsory education, in favour to get compulsory education Government started many programs like primary education in primary school with food but the percentage of child who go to school and the percentage of child who work as labour is high. You can’t say that the public of India is not aware to admit their children in primary schools because the poverty is very much in 60% peoples of India so they force their child to earn wages in place of education. Everybody know about this that the poverty in India comes due to the corrupted political parties so poverty, child Labour and political parties interrelates to one another.

conclusion- our 90% governing system is corrupted.There is a need to change this.

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