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A computer is an electronic device. It can be made to work like a human. It can store information. It can also manipulate and transmit data. It can process and retrieve data very fast. But it can act only according to instruction fed to it. Micro processors almost simulate the intelligence of men. Today, micro processors are used in children's toys, calculators, robots and home appliances. The use of computers is growing every day. Telephone booths and hotels have computing machines. Reservations in trains and buses are done in computers.

Super computers have transformed agriculture in India. Weather is forecast very accurately. Farmers can plan their work well ahead. Communication satellites are monitored with the help of computers. Computers assist scientists in Atomic power stations in supervising the safety of the plant. India is leading the world in the export of software. Internet has exploded the borders of the world. People exchange valuable information through internet. One can reach any website and learn anything. Encyclopedias will cease to play vital roles in future. Children would consult internet and clear their doubts. It is no wonder even students of primary classes are given computer education.

06 2014

The computer is most useful in our basic technology. It is used to detect all defective data where on the data be stored. The main advantage of computer is that all users has used computer for job details, job alert, looking information about happened in our country. I will always support to the computer and also advise all living people. The computer is said to be predictive system because they give me more information of all the world. This was invented by chalrse wabage. I always satisfy to him for developed of basic computer.

24 2014

Computer plays a vital role in our life. It is manipulate and store data. We can easily work with computer seating in the home. It is used everywhere and evry sector. It is very easy to understand. We can store our secret data no one can open n check data. Sometimes it is bane because children plays game n saw the different websites.

06 2014

The Computer (Advantages and Disadvantages)

The computer is an electronic machine. It is capable of storing instructions and information. In a single second it can carry out millions of operations and calculations. The computer’s memory can store thousands of instructions. When needed these data can be speedily traced and retrieved. The computer is widely used because of its speed and accuracy of computation.

Computer were first used to carry out scientific tasks. Today the use of the computer in science and engineering is immeasurable. Satellites are guided and controlled by computers. The computers are used in car and ship designing. They are used in the construction of buildings and bridges. Large scale printing of newspapers by photo type setting is carried out with the help of computers.

The computer is largely used in business and administration. It is used for stock control, insurance accounting and bank accounting. Reservations in trains and airlines are done with the help of computers. The computer is used in the analysis of census and criminal records. In advanced countries small computers are used at home for domestic accounting, game playing and learning.

But in a country like India where human resources are in excess there is a great resistance to the introduction of computers. It is feared that we will be deprived of employment opportunities once the computers make their entry. There is some truth in it. But at the same time the ushering in of the comptuers will create new job opportunities connected with computer production. so let us wipe out our fears and roll out the welcome mat to this wonder machine.

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