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Computer Science

A computer is an electronic machine that can accept, store, manipulate and transmit data in accordance with specific instructions by providing the required information to the user. In today's world, computers are used in almost all the areas, especially scientific field which involves storing up of voluminous data and complicated calculations. Computer science has helped the progress of humanity in several fields since computer can store large amounts of data, process them rapidly with perfect accuracy and transmit the results in several ways.

Computer science is a boon to engineers. The computers help the engineers to design structures e.g., Highways, bridges, skyscrapers, dams, ships, vehicles and complex aerodynamical studies. Computers find application in Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM) and Computer Aided Engineering (CAE).

Computer science has helped the medical sciences to progress. It helps to maintain records about patients perform medical diagnosis, monitor patients' vital signals such as heart beat and pulse rate. They also help in complicated organ transplants and microsurgery.

Computers have their say even in space technology. They have helped in designing space crafts and guiding them in their search probes of distant planets. Computers help the research scientist to perform sophisticated calculations which they cannot otherwise perform. For example, computers are employed in nuclear research and astronomical calculations. In short, it can be stated that the modern scientific and technological progress would not be possible without computer science. No wonder even a child is taught computer operations and applications.

30 2015

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