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Science and religion, on the surface appear to be antithetical to each other, yet a closer look at the two reveals their interdependence on each other for a rational kind of a life.

Now, science is based on rational thought. Scientists try to discover the reason behind natural phenomena. They follow the principle of cause and effect and give an explanation based on facts. Religion, however, tells to accept many things without questions. Religion is based on faith unlike science, which is based on rational thought. Thus, in method both science and religion are opposed ot each other, yet both together have their importance for us in life.

If we look at science alone we can see the immense advantages that it has given us science has created modern civilization with it multistoried buildings, swift means of transport on. However, science without exercising the guidelines laid down by religion can do immense harm. Thus while science has given us all the convenience of modern life, it has also invented long range artillery guns, the atom bomb and the nuclear bomb, which have already caused havoc in World War II. The principles laid down by religion are the only guidelines, which can prevent man from using these engines of destruction for destructive purposes. Without a faith in the virtues preached by religions of the world, man would lose his humanity and destroy the very civilization he has built.

Again, science has discovered the theory of evolution, which shows man evolving from an atom, and disproves the existence of God. However, the believers insist that even this theory is to be believed, still there had to be the hand of God for the atom to exist and evolve. It is this belief in an almighty force guiding the universe, which even the most dogmatic scientist cannot refute.

Yet again science without religion would leave us lame, for science does not tell about the ultimate purpose of life. Religion however gives man the invetive of being and doing well for a better life beyond his life. Religion also gives the spiritual part of man an immense satisfaction by opportunity to live a comfortable life; it is religion, which teaches us to make life comfortable for those who cannot afford good things of life.

10 2013

Patriotism is a nobel sentiment. It means one’s love for one’s country. A man is always ready to sacrifice his everything even his life for his country. It is man’s selfless love for his country. He does not take or desire anything in return of it but he is always ready to give for the sake of his country. He always thinks of its glory. Patriots nurture the freedom of their nation with their blood. Their names are written in golden letters in the book of history.

A true patiot helps in raising his country high. Memorials are raised in their honour. Old leaders like Gandhi, Nehru, Patel and Netaji are loved because they loved their country and fought for India’s freedom. A true patriot loves his country but does not hat other countries. He does not clash with the place of the world. He does his duty truthfully and boldly.

True patriotism means love for all mankind. We should always be ready to love our country and raise the national flag high in the sky. This patriotism is found in everyman even in the common man. In short, patriotism is a noble feeling, which may breathe, in human hart.

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