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Hazards of Polythene Bags

Kofi Annan, the General Secretary of UNO says, “We human beings can thrive in the future... by living in harmony with our natural environment. But at present we are failing to do so.”

The day starts with the morning milk that comes in trendy plasitc sachet, bread in multi coloured polythene covers and rice in transparent covers. From fruit and vegetables to clothes and pens, all come in polythene wrappers. The polythene bags have become so common that we hardly notice their presence.

Polythene bag - an agent of environmental pollution. cancer and skin disease - has made clean cities into garbage dumps. Even villages are not free from it.
Polythene is both indigestible and indestructible. As it is non-biodegradable, it causes environmental degradation.

Polythene bags, when burnt, emit poisonous gas, which can cause cancer and skin disease. Everyday they are thrown after use into ditches and they block the drainage system. Filthy water, thus accumulated, fills the city streets generating diseases and posing a serious threat to traffic too.

Polythene bags have endagered animal life also. The wandering animals like cows and buffaloes eat them which lead to their deaths.

20 2015

From morning till we sleep all the materials which we use are packed in plastic covers. The people they use and throw it on the roads that will cause the water logged conditions during heavy rainfall and the diseases caused by it may spread one area to another. Plastic is a material which is non decomposable, degradable substance... If we burn plastics also it will release harmfull gases in turn affect the environment and if human breathe those games they will get chance and skin diseases. The government should ban the production of plastic covers and try to increase the productivity of paper covers with this the entire works will get benefited.

20 2015

From morning to evening we are using plastic bags only. But it damages the health of all living organisms and spoils the earth layer because of dumping plastic bags. My suggestion is compare to plastic bags. Paper bags are soo sufficient and it does not damages the health of any organisms.

06 2015

Yes, polythene should be banned completely as it's very hazardous to human as well as some of the animals.. It is a non-biodegradable organic chemical product which cant be decomposed causing environmental pollution.

31 2015

People doesn't have option to carry in other bags,these are the only bags which are producing from industries, if people have other choice they definitely would follow... I prefer that instead of producing these polythene why don't they produce paper kind of bags more and more... For regular purpose.government should ban the polythene bags then only people can definitely use paper bags,if industries can produce both polythene and paper bags people definitely choose the polythene due to the reason of polythene is cheaper than paper bags.

28 2015

Polythene bags are hazardous for health and should be banned immediately by the Government. The reasons in brief are:

1. Plastic bags are non-biodegradable in nature and causes serious environmental pollution.
2. Hazardous for animals too.they often swallow these bags and this causes their death.
3.These bags when burnt,emits poisonous gases and fumes and causes air pollution.
4. Use of plastic bags causes cancer as well as other diseases like skin diseases etc.
5. Food articles kept in polythene bags for a long time undergoes chemical reaction and are harmful if consumed.
6. Plastic bags are clogged in our drainage systems and causes water-logged conditions during heavy rainfall.
7. Children often play with plastic bags and there are lots of instances of child death due to being suffocated with plastic bags.

13 2015

Absolutely agree with the ban of polythene bags. Its non-biodegradable ,decomposable, non-recycle material, animals, humans, birds, fish, all the organism are going to become a victim of this brutal activity. We people are addicted to use these polythene bags very thoroughly. Tt's time to introspect of all the humanity, otherwise our future will be finished very soon.

Government should have to take stern action against such activity and immediately put a ban on the use of bags. Instead of polythene bags we have to use paper bags and kulhad inplace of disposal. It will also create a employment for the people. Rwanda is the only country who completely put a bsn on the use of polythene. They showed a good example in front of the world. Plastic bags can be utilised to make a road,cement,and furnace etc.

11 2015

Yes! Polythene bags are the most dangerous aspect in pollution of enivorment. Because the bags are not destroy or that are not decompostable. Due pollution increse. Many anmilas like cow eat it and that bags cause for death of that animal.

06 2015

It is a non biodegradable wastes. so all living beings will be affected and suffer. So all polythene bags production will be stop immediate is good thing. paper bags is better than the polythene bags. Various disease spreads for rural areas. So all people don't use polythene bags. So please used to paper bags.

08 2015

Poly products are nonbiodegrable so it cannot be recycled.neither it can be consumed by earth materials nor can be burnt.if it is burnt it produces poisonous gase which is very much harmful for the environment so polyproducts should be totaly avoided.

26 2014

Polythene bags uses are very dangerous. Under 40 micron Polythene bags are mostly responsible for its dangerous effects on the environment. In villages many cows, buffaloes eat up these polythene bags and as a result their digestive system gets disordered and hence they die. Hence the random use of these polythene bags should be completely restricted.

10 2014

Todays polythene bags are fanciting thing and it make salves to every human. Using polythene bags from morning milk packet to night dinner items. But these very harmful to people and causes many disease. Most of company directors not think about people health and also many of big problem is polutions effects. Many of people and sweppers affected by cancer many more.

08 2014

Polythene bags are widely used all over the world because of its excellent properties. It is hazardous to the environment so instead paper bags can be used for small purposes but paper does not have the properties of a plastic it easily tears off but plastic bags does not tear and it can be used for many applications not only as carry bags for manufacturing bottles film laminates etc... So I suggest to go for something which has the excellent properties of plastic and also eco-friendly

24 2014

Chandigarh contact_message: From our earlier stages in schools and colleges, we’ve been introduced to various hazards of polythene bags and items which should be stopped for a cause of health. Although to mention a few, we know some of these hazards, then how can we reach upto all of them? i can surely think a 1 means of getting rid of all o them eliminating the need of knowing all of them, and that is abandoning them , once we eradicate the use of polythene bags , it will become not so concerning to deal with single hazard.

15 2014

Poly bags are invisible disease for human beings many people don’t know about it. for example village don’t know about it to control these things some youngsters should tell them by awareness programs that they would easily understand by making some dramas, shot films etc.if we using plastic materials it store give for recycling purpose.

14 2014

In my Point in Some of the Rural City In Tamilnadu Are Taking action against the usage of plastic bags., In Few Areas That Order Is Strictly Taken., Polybags Are Given By the merchant when the customer given to that seller a sum of 2 to 5 rupees, But In City Area Not Yet Taking A Single Steps to avoid Plastc Bags. That’s the Reason of Increasing usage Of Plasticbags. In All Humans Mindsets Are in a Same Way That Time only possible to 100% avoiding Usage Of Plasticbags.

08 2014

Polythene is so dangerous for all human beings and all animals. It is not good for earth also, so many poly bags in there all city all villages etc. Keep strike to all poly bags and this place provide papers bags. Papers bags is so good for poly bags it is not harmful to people or animal because it is easily crush and not stay in enough day. So please stop polythene and that place provide poly bags.

08 2014

The products like shampoo, rice, milk, bread etc. are packed in very decorated ans attractive polythene bags. we like those products which are attractive. If they don’t we don’t like to buy them. So these bags are used because of the customer. If the customer go with the product only without considering the packing then these bags can be avoided. So we all have to make a beginning from right now.

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