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Need Plant Trees

Tree have a very important place in our life. They purify the air and make the environment clean and pure. Without trees, we cannot live. In summer, they give us shade and cool air. They also give us fuel to burn. Many articles of furniture are made of wood. Even the paper, which we use for writing, is made of wood pulp. Many trades depend on the trees. They provide us with useful medicines. They help in checking the soil erosion.

They are the shelter places of animals and brids. Trees spread the atmosphere of peace and calmness. This is the reason why sages in older times, preferred forests for their meditation. Tagore was attracted by this natural beauty and opened a school, Shanthi Nikaten in which classes were held in the open in the shade of trees.

It is a pity that the trees are being cut to build houses and colonies. By cutting trees, a great problem of environment pollution has arisen. The valleys have become hollow. The free flow of streams has been checked. The natural beauty has been lost. The land, once fertile is converting into a desert. The earth is becoming barren.

There is a great need of growing more and more trees. We should plant more and more trees so that the air we breathe should remain pure and we may breathe pure and fresh air. They will check the environmental pollution. If more and more trees are grown, they will not only purify the environment but also help in bringing the economy of the country on the right track.

29 2014

My opinion tree is important in our life, the person can easily take the breathe with the help of tree, we can gain a lot of work from the tree wood, this will be right.
So kindly put the new tree plant in the garden, roads and open area, so that we can creat the peaceful environment.

30 2015

Disadvantages of Trees, One of the major parts of the house that trees have been found to be a dreadful threat to is the foundation. Though has now been generally accepted by building experts that tree roots cannot normally pierce through a building's foundation, they can, however, damage a foundation in several other ways. Firstly, tree roots can sometimes penetrate a building's foundation through pre-existing cracks, while large root systems that extend beneath a house can cause foundation uplift. They can also leech water from the soil beneath foundations, causing the structures to settle and sink unevenly. Also, leaves and broken branches of trees can block gutters, potentially causing flooding within the house area which can in the end all water to penetrate the building. Apart from that old, damaged or otherwise weak trees may fall and endanger lives and property. Large, weak branches, too, are a hazard, especially if weighed wind storms.

Sometimes it will fall down in the Cars, bike and everywhere. The tree leaves is fall down more and very difficult to sweep in the road side areas.

8 2013

Need more trees this is one of the important point in our life. The best example for expressing the need of trees is the animated film "LOREX" filn shows how the mistake of one person made city without trees and people of that city buying air bottles for survive and people plating the artificial trees.

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