If I were an Angel

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The sheer idea of being an angel thrills me. Man, however intelligent and shrewd may be, has limited capacity to comprehend the world he lives in. When a disastrous Tsunami or an earthquake hits, man feels like a puppet in an earth quake or when Tsunami arrives, one feels just helpless. If I were an angel I would organize an army of angels and use all with in our capacity to help people in distress. We will fly across continents to ease human pain and wipe out tears.

I would wait in temples, mosques, churches and all places of worships and listen to hte players and needs of people. Whoever makes a genuine prayer will be noted. If the demand is small and within the capacity of an elf like me, I shall fulfil it immediately. If not, I shall request God to sanction the demand and reduce the burden of sorrow from the hearts of men and women. I shall play with children and demonstrate a little magic and cheer them up. I shall always escort poor children and ensure that they donot deviate from the path of virtue due to abject poverty. I shall influence rich men to help such needy children.

Besides, I will intercept thought waves that harm the humanity, animal and plant kingdom. I will lead a team of angels to immobilise all the guns and missiles in the world. I shall live in the hearts of peace loving people and change the terrorist-ridden world into a peaceful paradise. I shall fly above the world and sow the seeds of love, tolerance, compassion and mercy. India will become a pilgrimage centre for all the peace loving world citizens. We would then be spending money in building world class hotels and not sophisticated arms.

15 2015


If I am an angel so first I do world Toor and I give the infinite life to my parents. And I helps to poor people and needy people I stay in temple and church and mosque and hear the need of people and if possible then I fullfill it otherwise I try and pray....

And I meet my favourite actor and see the modus operands....

It\'s amazing experience if I am an angel.

17 2015

If I were an angel I will always happy and make others happy . I stop earth getting pollution day by day.I will make everyone friends. I will destroy all evil from earth. I will help poor.i will make every one unity ,lovable, brave, rich and healthy.It is not possible to be an angel but helping to world is not only possible for angel also possible for good soul like me. I will do this all even if iam a normal person.

16 2014

Here i will become little bit selfish, firstly i will fulfill the wishes of my parents and siblings and then i will help all those needy people who is not having proper food to eat, proper shelter, clothes to wear which leads to happiness in every ones life and will also try to remove the greed from all humans which never ends...

26 2014

If I were an angel i would just fly out and go and meet my loved ones and the next job is that I will buy food, clothes and other nessecary things that the needy would long for... I will give them everything they want and b happy by seeing their happiness And I will fly to the church and thank god for giving me a chance as an angeel too...

26 2014

Being an angel would be the best experience I will ever go through. I will rule the world and will create a group of angels to get company. We will fly and visit the whole world. I will visit the house of famous bollywood heroes and find out about their routine, their lifestyle. I will go to shops and buy all the expensive things which I couldnt buy other wise. We will help needy , give food to poor and fight against evil. In d end being an angel would be the best thing in my life

02 2013

Being an angel would have been really exciting experience for me. Everyone like to enjoy the supernatural power but utilizing it for the better prospects for the whole mankind is a rare thing found. I would have been freed from the burdens of all the evil thoughts. I would have tried to purify the world by destroying hatred, and spreading love among every heart. I would have tried to rescue the people who need help in distress. Simply saying is an easier task, to do the things in really matters. I would have tried to provide food to every stomach, and smile to every face.

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