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In this fast moving world information technology has become a must. Information refers to facts and opinions provided and received during the course of daily life. Information is obtained from mass medica from electronic data banks, from all sorts of observable phenomena in the surrounding environment, daily discourse and body language.

Ours is an increasingly knowledge-intensive environment. Knowledge plays a vital role in such an environment. The growing volume and the rate of obsolescence of knowledge makes it essential for an individual in the present day world to have frequent interaction with informaiton resources and systems. Individuals cannot ignore its impact on their skills and jobs.

Informaiton technology makes obsolete many human functions. Earlier machanical and repetitive tasks were affected. Now clerical and paraprofessional tasks are being automated. The first three landset satellites were launched in 1972, 1975 and 1978 to collect information about Earth’s natural resources, location of mineral deposits, condition of forests and farming regions. The cameras that they carried provided images fo the surface areas. The fourth landsat satellite was launched in 1982 and the fifth in 1984. Satellites are continued to be sent by various countries to gather more information from space beneficial to humanity.

One of the greatest advances in modern technology has been the invention of computers. Computer based information systems impact the structure and management styles of corporation. Computers are widely used in industry and in universities. Now there is hardly any sphere of human life where computers have not been pressed into the service of man. They are capable of doing extremely complicated work in all branches of learning. These machines can be put to varied uses. They can provide information on the best way to prevent traffic accidents. They work accurately and at high speeds, they save research workers, years of hard work. The process of machines working for us in automation. Computer can be plugged into a national network and be used like radios. Weather conditions could be got, it could be used in ordinary public hospitals to diagnose the nature of patients, illness, check their health record. Book keepers and accountants could be relieved of dull clerical work.

The tedious task of compiling and checking lists of figures could be done. It helps scientists to solve complex problems in space science and launching of rockets and satellites. It eliminates the work of filing records. Now, robotsmachine men which are controlled by comptuers do tremendous work.

Thus Radio, Television, Computers, Telephone, Telegraph etc. which are the products of Technology have made life easier. It is we who have to reform our throughts and use science and technology for the well being of the country.

16 2015

In now era it is part of our life .in 24 hour of day from morning to evening it play crucial role by providing informatin to us from various source. due to large technology we get information in easy way.

23 2015

Information being shared from Place to Place in Competition with Time is Knowledge --> Knowledge Share --> Makes Everyone Take Wise Decisions in Time --> Thus bringing in Productivity --> Productivity Creates Competition --> Competition Creates Excellence --> Excellence brings in Quality --> Quality Creates Comforts --> Comforts bring in Thriving for Advancement --> Advancement brings Information

Its Irreversible Cyclic Evolution and Innovation which makes Future Generations Living much more better than what it is today.

23 2015

yes I agreed Information technology is successful in our life because we can get information about any thing as Road Map, Travel arrangement - Airways, Train, Bus etc.. If we need to information about any popular person or any place so we can get information by IT. Today life is very easily because we can solve any problem. so I would be prefer information technology for support to all countries.

09 2015

Accordin to my interpritation ,information technology is became the part of the day to day life. Without the sharing the information people can't survive in the earth. People have to use these technology and now a day information sharing became so much easy and so much cheaper that evey persons can afford it.

21 2015

In today's life everything is a computer. So easily done by our work. Nowadays lot of apps developed by software engineer to easy to fulfill their user needs and easy understandable to all people. We can get the information from anywhere at any time in the world easily the information technology. It provides a lot of job opportunity for people.

22 2014

We can also consider the importance of e-banking in our life. Through E banking we can save our time as we do not have to stand in line in banks.

15 2014

In India or in the whole world Information technology’s play most important role in our society. IT sector create many jobs in market. It make financially strong our condition in the world. Through the computer our work can make easy. we can calculate the numerical figures in a second through the computer. Computer help us to get the signals in out country border area. Information technology help us to get any information about anything on the internet. On Google and other search engines can help us to fine any information about anything or any topic. Though Information Technology we can connect anybody in the word through world wide net. Information technology take play most important role in modern education. Today every school provide smart class through the computer with the help of projector in there class rooms. Information technology is a miracle in 21st century because through the help of technology we are very scientifically strong. Through the IT Sector increasing the Jobs in Indian and International market. Many software are invented by the software engineers which are help easiest of our work in offices ,hospitals,banks,defence and many other departments.

The conclusion is IT sector provide us many helpful things,knowledge & information about any thing in the world, so it play very important role in today’s life.

09 2013

We are using many more application ex your android phone its not only prestigious or stylish thing to hold but also it helps you in great way to find the routes in gmap you no need to ask any one if you are gone to new place.

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