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Unemployment is one of the major problems in a developing country like India. The number of unemployed persons increases as the population explodes. Our development plans fail to provide employment for all the unemployed youth. In spite of the Five year plans, this problem continues to be serious as ever.

There are many causes of employment. The first and foremost is the over-population. Every year an army of unemployed swells up as the growth rate of population is rapid. There are many types of unemployment. First is the unemployment amonth the education prople. This problem is growing as educational opportunities are given to all. Secondly, the system of our education is theoretical that it makes our young men fit of for some kind of service. Thirdly, though the population is increasing, the industrial progress has not kept pace with it. To these may be added the indifference of the society.

This malice can be tackled by specific employment-oriented schems and rapid industrialization. Moreover population explosion should be brought under control. Statesmen, not politicians, are the need of the hour. People with long-term vision should lead the nation thereby making unemployment a thing of the past.

28 2015

According to me the main reason behind unemployment in India, or till now India is still a developing country because women are not given importance.They are neglected by many people. Even though seeking education they are not allowed to do job.Some of the women are not allowed to take education. So I think this is a big reason of unemployment in India.

03 2015

Yes one of the major problem of our country is unemployment but every one want there own business now a days because one of the main. Reason is corruption when some poor person go to intervive and he has good speaking and knowledge but he is show some strict answers then he goes to fail in intervive otherwise ask money called (corruption). To reduce unemployment every one work sincerely but who are corrupted take those prisons and ask for refund more money than they expect otherwise they give correct amount and giving some extra amount to officers and they release easily but we can take everything in capture and show to take immediately. To reduce this. Every official person go and take his resume just give the job with training then they leads at least simple life

02 2015

According to me,the employment of a person depends up on the unique qualities procured by him apart from others irrespective of the field. Gradual increase in the emergence of engineering colleges makes everyone accomplish their dreams but not true unless they are placed in a job. My interpretation towards this topic is that each and every seat in academics,irrespective of the field, should me made available through entrance examinations, which truely judges the knowledge of the juvenile. So, eventually I conclude that, talent with a diplomatic behaviour makes your job authentic.

28 2014

Hello everyone, unemployment is the major problem in developing country like India. One of the reason of the unemployment is our educational system. In our country 85-90% schools or collages are based on theoretical education system. Population and corruption are other factor who arise the condition of unemployment. Our country population increase day by day,it is impossible to give each and every person to employment. A skill person who are suitable for his job,not obtain those type of job due to corruption..

03 2014

Population growth, corruption, insufficient political leaders, poverty, not adopted by the job, free govt.policies, child marriage, child labors...

22 2014

In my view the problem of unemployment is mainly due top the increase in population. And the other reason is due to corruption. Most of the jobs are obtained by paying money(giving bribe). By this most of the engineers are facing the problem of unemployment. As India is a developing country uses the machines to decrease the human efforts. But we have to remember that machine is created by man so man has an authority to use and control it in any situation.But now a days instead of men machines are completing the work , this reduces the involvement of man in any work .This leads to unemployment. So to avoid unemployment the machines have to be employed to solve the complex problems which a man cannot solve practically(20%) and every literated and illiterated must be employed with respect to their capacity to do work (80%).

07 2014

Today,developing country as india mostly the people who are in engineering field they were suffering lot due to unemployment. In order to employ, they need to perform themselves peculiar among the competitors.on the otherhand main reasong for unemployment in india is due to over population,occupational crime in order to employ interested persons, oneself will get employed in the company.

25 2014

Hello everyone. Yes it is true that employment requires much skills and but inspite of having skills still most of the people are unemployed and the reason behind this is corruption. If we consider our country, We can see that India is at developing stage and since being in developing stage there should not be huge unemployment. But we are facing this situation, there are lots of work which need to be done but then either the ministers only show us dream or they don’t have fund for that. They are only busy in packing their bags with our currency. If they will utilise the money properly this problem will become least in India. But then they have to think for this too just by discussion or by debating nothing will happen. Live example if minister will start utilising their skills properly there will be employment " Namo just increases the train fare by 14.5% but he promise he will use that money for building some bullet trains" now when this project will start there will be some vacancies, so in that case percentage of unemployment will get decreased.

16 2014

Root cause behind unemployment is the weak education system in our country. Focus of education system should be on skill development. Even literate people who do not get job in Govt./ Private sector are not capable of starting new business and establishment of new venture. Each one teach one formula can also do wonder, the necessity is the promotion of benefits of good education. Establishment of new micro, small and medium enterprises can also generate employment. Govt should focus on establishment of new business.

02 2014

Hi everyone as per my research indian youth are simply unemployed,the problem says the india labour report 2007, is that the indian r siply unemployed 90% of employment opportunities require vocational skills. But 90% of our school collage output has only bookish knowledge, says the study commissioned by lease service.

while only 8% of youth are unemployed, 53% have some kind of skill deprivation. This become critical, as nearly 90% of jobs in india are still skill based with the bulk of employment coming from forming,fisheries and other releted works.

16 2013

Unemployment is one of the projectors which shows a country’s slide or doom . Unemployment leads to poverty which is the root cause of all evil. Causes of Unemployment in India is mainly due to its population. We are over crowded. We have about thousands of candidates applying for a single post. Lack of jobs in public/private sector and the ever increasing population is doing no good to the problem of unemployment. Changing FDI rules may encourage foreign MNC’s to come to India and this may create jobs. But this isnt beneficiary in the long run. India needs to generate jobs on its own . Curbing population rate and trusting man power is the need of the hour. Companies must be made more dependent on humans than machines.

New strategies and plans must be enforced which would create jobs and decrease unemployment. Its high time we look into this area otherwise it would be hard to save the sinking ship.

24 2013

One of the problems, which stand as a hazard in the development of our country, is the Unemployment among the masses. It is also increasing day by day. Well-educated people are ready to accept petty jobs to earn their livelihood. It is a pity to see a long queue of young people before the Employment Exchange Office. It is shocking to learn that after spending ten to sixteen years in getting education, they are still unemployed. Firstly, they had to face difficulties in getting admissions and now after completing education, they are unable to get employment of their choice.

We do not find artisans, barbers, washer men, shoemakers or carpenters in these lines of employment seekers. We find other young men who have got good degrees but not the job. The clearly shows that there is some devect in our educaiton system. To solve this employment problem, it is necessary to change the education system. The education should be made job oriented. Now India does not need clerks only, but also needs citizens who can serve her with their physical and mental skill. Therefore, an education should cop with the new demands.

India is a rich country and the main reason of India’s poverty and backwardness is the problem of unemployment. The population is increasing and it is not possible for the government to give suitable job to every young man but situations can be created to adjust them in some self-employment schemes. Some small-scale industries, cottage industries can be started with the assistance of the government. These industries can be given financial aid, sales facilies, raw materials etc. by government. Unemployed persons should be trained for such type of industries. Enacting some law against big families should check the increase in population growth.

Unemployment among the masses also increases the gap between the haves and the have-nots. There is a regular influx of people from the rural areas to the urban areas in the hope of getting jobs. As a result, this becomes a social problem paving way to the emergence of a set of population as thieves and other evil elements, which greatly affects the society. It is high time when the governement should think over it seriously. Also, the people should think and act accordingly, only then this problem can be solved.

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