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Forest Conservation Need

Forests sustain life on earth. They take in polluted carbon-dioxide and give out pure oxygen. They purify the atmosphere free of charge. Besides, they add to the evaporation process by transpiration. The surplus water available underground is sent back to the atmosphere. The cool air enables condensation and precipitation. Forests, in fact, help a nation to become prosperous. The forests are also rich in commercially useful products such as teak, timber, sandalwood, resin, latex, honey, etc. Medicinal herbs available in forests help traditional medical practitioners very much. Of late, poachers kill rare animals for their horns and hides. Giant trees are felled illegally for quick gains. The felled giants are not replaced with new sapling. The increased lumbering practices in equatorial rain forests have driven rare animals and birds to the brink of extinction. The case is worse in developing countries.

Trees are felled indiscriminately. Even teak and sandalwood trees found inside the reserve forests are felled and smuggled out. The ill equipped and under staffed Forest department watches the jungle piracy helplessly. These should be a campaign against deforestation throughout the world. Awareness of the importance of conserving forest resources must be made among all. If it is not done, the earth will cease to support life in the longer run.

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