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As with other industrial processes, commercial IT has moved in all respects from a bespoke, craft-based industry where the product was tailored to fit the customer, to multi use components taken off the shelf to find the best-fit in any situation. Mass-production has greatly reduced costs of IT is available to the smallest company or school-kid.

Software is available of the shelf; apart from Microsoft products such as office, or Lotus there are also specialist's packages for payroll and personnel management, account maintenance and customer management etc. It is present in almost all schools and is of growing influence. The growth of use of Information and communications Technology and its tools in the field of Education has seen tremendous growth in the recent past. Technology has entered the classroom in a big way to become part of the teaching and learning process.

Many people already use IT at work. Banks use computers to store account details. Companies use them to work out bills and wages. Travel agents and airlines use computers linked by telephones to make bookings. And at airports, aircrafts flights are directed by computers. With IT, more and more people can work at home instead of going to an office. They can use a computer which is linked to their office by phone (tele working). People who do not like shopping would rather stay at home and order goods from a catalogue. With IT, they can shop infront of the television. They pay by typing in their credit card number. Banks, schools, companies and health centers all use information technology to store and analyse date about people. We must take a resolution to make India an IT superpower and one of the largest generators and exporters of software in the world within ten years.

16 2015

Nowadays IT has developed in all field like education,administration as well as software also.

01 2014

Yes IT has a huge advantage, this discussion wouldn’t be completed if we didn’t talk about the disavantage of IT Since this IT is easily accessed by all the age groups it might lead in wrong usage for adolescence age group., In IT, IT has become one mode due to which its access in varied field is taken disadvantage on preparing bombs from easily available products. Not all business can afford IT, India largely being an Agrarian country where majority of people leave in rural areas, who sell there raw products in cheaper rates without even aware of the original market rates.

There are many advantages compared to disadvantage.

01 2014

IT(Information Technology) the two letter word which rules the modern information world.

It makes everything easily available to all people.the services provided to common makes him tension free to all his doubt and makes his work less.

It improves and helps the person in all sectors e.g., hospitals, education, public sectors, private sectors. It gives more employment to all improves the growth of the economy.

The revolution of APPS(applications) is available to all kind of becomes handy features in all cell phones. It provides much important APPS such as blood donor, reminder app etc.

18 2013

IT has an enormous influence on todays global economy. After the great Industrial Revolution of Europe, it is IT revolution that has swept the world. IT has significant applications in the fields of macro economic planning, public administration decision making, education, healh care, energy conservation, environmental management, etc.

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