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Every human being should have an ambition in life. An aimless life is worthless. I would like to become a teacher. A teacher may not command more respect than a doctor or an engineer. But teaching is the only job which can help one transform lives of hundreds of people. Today's children are tomorrow's citizens. The destiny of a nation is shaped only in the four walls of a class room. I will be a teacher with a difference. I shall not be severe with the students. This is an information age.

Children are exposed to so many things. They do not come to schools like empty vessels. They do not need to be told everything. I shall guide them to identify their innate abilities. I shall just sow the love for learning in their young minds. I shall treat them as my friends. I shall provide a congenial and friendly atmosphere in the classroom. There will be a friendly exchange of ideas. I shall definitely learn a lot from the young ones too. Learning makes me feel alive.

Teaching is the only job which pays you for doing what you like most. I may not get the best teacher award. But I will strive to develop the personality of students. I shall not concentrate on only skills. But I shall try to inculcate values of life in them. This will help them rise over obstacles in life.

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