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"Breathes there the man with soul so dead,
who never to himself hath said,
This is my own, my native land?"
These memorable lines from Sir Walter Scott reflect the universal feeling of patriotism.

Patriotism is love of one's own motherland. Rightly interpreted this is one of the noblest felling of mankind and the most natural. Our country, in fact, is our second mother. We are born and brought up in our motherland and are nourished and nurtured by her. We should remember that whatever is done in the name of one's country is done by a group of people who rule the country. Hence a true patriot should always keep in mind the limitations of the rulers and should not consider rulers to be a synonym for the country.

Patriotism binds the diverse people of the country, breaking the barriers of caste, creed and religion with one strong bond. People forget their differences and stand unitedly to face the aggressor. We saw this enthusiasm during the Chinese aggression in 1999. The whole country stood behind our valiant soldiers and contributed their might in terms of material and money, to give a crushing blow to the enemy.

This surge of love and devotion to one's country is abundantly discernible when he wins matches, beauty contests or gold medals at international events. People burst crackers and celebrate the occasion with great fanfare. It nurtures fellow feeling and a spirit of brotherhood among people, besides inspiring others to excel and bring glory to their country. People who love their country pride themselves as Indians. However a true patriot is one, who places his country first and foremost. He is ever ready to make sacrifices for his country.

The country grows and prospers on the strength of its true patriots only. We owe our freedom to them, for wherever the country is in danger, they are in the forefront to defeat it, both in war and peace. We must therefore as a true patriot, stand for upholding all good things for the country, and be ready to make sacrifices in safeguarding it.

10 2013

Patriotism is a nobel sentiment. It means one’s love for one’s country. A man is always ready to sacrifice his everything even his life for his country. It is man’s selfless love for his country. He does not take or desire anything in return of it but he is always ready to give for the sake of his country. He always thinks of its glory. Patriots nurture the freedom of their nation with their blood. Their names are written in golden letters in the book of history.

A true patiot helps in raising his country high. Memorials are raised in their honour. Old leaders like Gandhi, Nehru, Patel and Netaji are loved because they loved their country and fought for India’s freedom. A true patriot loves his country but does not hat other countries. He does not clash with the place of the world. He does his duty truthfully and boldly.

True patriotism means love for all mankind. We should always be ready to love our country and raise the national flag high in the sky. This patriotism is found in everyman even in the common man. In short, patriotism is a noble feeling, which may breathe, in human hart.

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