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Preserve the Environment

Pollution may be due to natural process or from artificial process originating from human activities. They are classified as air pollution, water pollution, land pollution, thermal pollution, sound pollution and radioactive pollution. All these cause health hazards not only to plant, and animal life but also to human beings. Gaseous pollution due to carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide and automobile exhaust cause acute illness, chronic diseases, eye irritation and nervous impairment. Lead emitted from automobiles cause brain damage in children. Air pollution causes damage to property and materials. The Taj Mahal is an example of this sad state. Industrial wastes, sewage waste, and agricultural wastes contain toxins, organic hazardous materials. Insecticides and pesticides also pollute water which becomes unfit for drinking. Heavy metal water causes several adverse effects on man and cattle. Soil pollution causes bacterial infection. They are responsible for the spread of diseases like typhoid and cholera.

Land pollution is caused due to solid wastes from homes, farms and industries. Radioactive pollution induces cancer, abnormal births and mutation in man. Thermal pollution increases the temperature of lakes and rivers. It affected aquatic life and the quality of water. Noise pollution affects our hearing ability. It causes increased heart beat, headache, irritability and affects our tranquility and efficiency. All kinds of pollutions are health hazards. Therefore, today's need is to preserve the environment and guard it against all kinds of pollution. It is the duty of every human being, to preserve the environment for the future generations.

09 2014

I still remember writing an essay about this topic when I was in 7th...... What I want to stress is, we are discussing about this topic from childhood but environmental pollution is increasing day by day. So its not even if we just plan about it, we must also put forward those plans and try to preserve our environment as much as possible.

Use of solar energies should be increased, planting trees in our surroundings, less use of plastics, using eco friendly products can be helpful to prevent the environment....

Let us all hope and try in some or the other way to decrease all kinds of pollution and preserve our Mother nature.

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