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Advantage and Disadvantages of TV

Television is a mass media. Next to Radio, T.V., reaches a large section of the society in India. It reaches 78.7 percent of India population through 534 transmitters. It relays news, current affairs, educational programs, dramas, films ext. We can see and listen to the latest event around the globe. Thanks to communication satellite, the world has shrunk still further. BBC, Star plus and Discovery channels telecast wonderful documentaries enriching the knowledge of the viewers on nature and scientific developments. BBC gives news overseas round the clock. M TV provides music round the clock. ESPN gives sports news concentrating on major world sports. Cartoon Network delights children.

But T.V. has its disadvantages as well. It makes the children neglect their study and sit down glued to the T.V. Many private cable operators, screen movies almost 24 hrs a day. Mostly they are meant only for entertainment. Many commercial firms conduct entertainment show involving student population. Unfortunately children view these cheap filmy entertainment programs and western dance programs and lose their grip with their traditional dances and dress style. Their interest in seeing commercial shows is so much that they are almost glued to the T.V ignoring their studies. Children become precocious and are often emotionally stunted due to premature exposure to certain life experience. T.V does more harm than good to the present younger generation. It is rightly called the Idiot Box. If parents do not control their wards, their role models could very well be attractive villains and corrupt politicians and criminals in real life too.

22 2013


Television is one of the chief miracles of science. It has revolutionized human outlook and is serving as the faithful servant to humanity. It has become the most popular medium as it has two-fold benefits. The people can see and also listen to the important things happening in different parts of the world.

Mankind is indebted to Baird, a famous Scientist, who invented television. In the modern era of science, great emphasis is given to television in educational, social and moral spheres. Television is an effective, convenient and a great source of entertainment and amusement. A man, after a day's hard word, may switch on his television set to watch movies, dances, dramas, musical concerts, quiz programs, business affairs or current affairs programmes.

The launching of INSAT and other communication satellites in the space age has given further fillip to television, investing it with a truly international character. With the help of a dish-antenna one can watch a programme of his choice telecast through different channels. Screen education has a great educative value. If properly conducted one can teach any subject. The UGC and IGNOU are producing a number of educational programmes. The students gain a lot from television lessons, because the material taught is the outcome of the experience of the best available teachers.

Different question papers are discussed. The medical students can watch the complicated surgery on the T.V Agricultural programmes educate the farmers. Special and useful programmes are telecast for the house wives, workers, children, etc. "Health" programmes are informative. The advertisements in the T.V play a major role. We come to know about different products through the advertisements. Business is promoted through them. Even uneducated people know about polio drops, family planning, etc., through the advertisements. T.V is the most powerful mass media.

Every coin has two sides T.V also has advantages and disadvantages. Crime and violence are often shown in the T.V. They corrupt the young minds. Students ignore the reading habit. Many watch the live telecast of matches neglecting their duties. Constant watching of the T.V affects our eyes. The cheap comedies and cartoons do not help in children's mental development. The films are full of crime, sex and violence. They have a bad effect on the young minds. Foreign T.V programmes affect our culture and values in life. As science is a good servant and a bad master, T.V also can be made a good servant if it is properly used. If it is not it will become a bad master.

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