Water and Its Uses

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Good Uses of Water

Water the elixir of life has a prime use. More than anything else, it is used to quench our thirst. Not only humans, but all living things. Water is life-giving. That is why its called an elixir.

It is used, to maintain hygiene. Self - hygiene, such as brushing, bathing and washing. We should be clean first to keep our surroundings clean.

Water is used for domestic purposes - in cooking, cleaning, washing and gardening.

Avoiding Wastage: Water is important. It should not be used excessively and wasted. We should think of how to save it before using it. When watering the garden or cleaning the car, instead of the hose, use drip irrigation or wipe the car.

Instead of taking water directly from taps, use mugs. For brushing, cleaning vessels, use the mug or a container. Surplus water is wasted from open taps. Be clean to save water.

20 2015

Why it's worth the effort: Brushing your teeth seems like a quick job, but before you know it, four gallons of water may have slipped down the sink.

Your one-year effect: 2,880 gallons of water saved.

The effect if everyone in the U.S. did it for one year: More than four times the Mississippi River's annual flow of water.

Bring Your Water With You

29 2015

Yes Water is very important in our life. Entire world 75 % of water 35 % only Earth. But we have to face the problem on water. That is the question?.

My answer is don't waste the Water.

22 2014

Water is very important in our life, without water we can not live. Always we close the taps after use the water.

26 2014

Water is important for all of us. As we know only 3% of pure water is available for drinking. According to need human should use water. Because without it life is not possible. Always close taps after usage of water.

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