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Wonders of Science

This century is the age of Science. We cannot imagine our lives Sans Science. Science has become a part and parcel of our lives. Science has become a symbol of progress. The progress is in the field of medicine, education, industry, etc., we are enjoying the comforts of Science in all the fields.

Science has developed effective transport and communication system, buses, cars, trains, planes have the transportation easy and comfortable. The posts, telephone, telegraph, teleprinter and computer convey the messages effectively. The radio and television bring us all the events of the world before our eyes.

In the field of medicine, Science has world wonders. Almost all kinds of diseases are entirely cured by modern drugs and medicines. Deadly diseases such as cancer, diabetes and tuberculosis are cured easily. Plastic surgery plays an important role in the field of surgery. Organ transplantation has become a reality. Pain and suffering is lessened. Test tube babies have become common. Scientific inventions have made our travels safe, fast and comfortable. There are a number of supersonic jet planes, fast trains and comfortable cars. Man has landed on the moon and climbed the Everest. Electricity is another important scientific invention. The comforts of our life like electric lamps, refrigerators, fans, grinders, washing machines, etc., are all run by electricity.

Scientific method of cultivation has solved the food problem. The pests destroying the crops are killed immediately by pesticides. The green revolution has produced new hybrid varieties. Poultry and sericulture are also improved.

There are some evils also. Man has achieved good progress due to Science. But the same Science can destroy mankind. Modern scientific weapons like atom bombs, hydrogen bombs can wipe out the human race. Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Vietnam stand as examples of destruction caused by the scientific inventions. We have to take steps to use Science on the right lines thus Science is a good servant if it used properly and a bad master if it is not controlled.

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